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Nail course – Bunion

bunionDevelopment of bunion

Caused by: collapse and destruction of the transversal arch.

Factors that may cause bunion:

  • tight shoes with too high heels,
  • weakness of ligaments that are involved,
  • standing occupation (waiters, surgeons, nurses, those who work in diners, etc.),
  • too much weight,
  • aging process,
  • forced walking (learn to walk period),
  • scoliosis, spine abrasion.

Process of bunion development:

Muscular balance breaks up, muscles are positioned differently and the I. metatarsal bone is tilted towards the inner side of the sole. The first toe (big toe) shifts toward the other toes (it may get above or under the second toe). The head of the metatarsal is injured by the shoe (due to its shift) which results in constant periostitis, onion-like bone deposition begins to evolve on the head, then the deformity increases and finally the skin gets abraded, secretes, tenses, becomes thin.